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If you can’t afford to adopt a jar but still want to show your appreciation, you can leave the amount of your choice or click on the Flattr button over on the sidebar to leave a micro-payment. Every little helps to fund the project and is hugely appreciated.

Donate the amount of your choice:
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Then you can become a patron of the arts by adopting your very own jar!

If you don’t live close enough to find a jar, you can now be a part of the project by sponsoring a jar in the following three packages.


Sponsor a jar on the date of your choice.

You could sponsor a jar on your birthday, anniversary, another special day or just pick the jar you love best. The perfect present for a friend who loves art or crazy projects but doesn’t need any more stuff in their lives. There will only be one patron per jar, so if you want your date, you need to grab it.

What you get:
A public thank you and a link to your blog or website on that day’s jar entry
A permanent mention and link on the Sponsors page
An email update when your jar is found or goes missing
A thank you card sent to your address

Buy a Patron Package now

Buy a Patron Package for £50


You long for a jar but alas, you live too far away to have any chance of finding one. Don’t despair, you can have a jar.

Ooh, I feel like a Fairy Godmother writing that!

What you get:
Everything from The Patron’s Package PLUS an exclusive jar of your very own.

Please note: The jar you receive won’t be one of jars released into the wild, it will be an extra jar created especially for you. Your jar will be a surprise but you can suggest your favourite jars, so that I have an idea of what you like. For safety reasons, your jar cannot contain any liquid. Postage to anywhere in the world is included in the cost of the package.

Buy a Collector’s Package now

Buy a Collector’s Package for a single payment of £200

Buy a Collector’s Package for 2 monthly payments of £100


A jar of your own not enough? You want more? OK, this is a little bit crazy but hey, why the hell not? Let’s go jar walking together!

What you get:
Everything from The Collector’s Package PLUS I come to your town and we go on a jar walk together and YOU get to place the jar.

You get a minimum of three hours of my time. We can drink tea, eat cake and talk excitedly about ideas. Or, if you don’t mind sharing me, I will do an informal question and answer session with a group of your friends.

Our jar walk gets a write-up on the blog and you get to share the story of our meeting however you choose, although obviously the location of the jar must remain our little secret.

Please note: The cost of this package is inclusive of travel expenses, accommodation and meals

UK & Ireland


Rest Of The World

Terms and Conditions
1. I reserve the right to refuse sponsorship that I feel is not appropriate to the project.

2. If your chosen jar date is not available, you can either choose another date or receive a full refund.

3. I reserve the right to refund The Medici Package if travelling to your location will interfere with the project too much or adversely affect my health.

4 thoughts on “Adopt A Jar

  1. Georgene Lockwood

    I would love to leave a little donation but I’m in the US. Not sure how to do that!

    I love your blog, BTW. I’ve turned lots of other people here in Arizona and elsewhere in my reach onto it. Hope they’re enjoying it as much as I am!

  2. LaVonne

    Georgene, I’m in the U.S. too and Paypal converts it to dollars… but only after you donate. Frustrating! Here’s a currency converter so you donate the exact amount you like:

    (Kirsty, can you put this link up for others outside the U.K.?)

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