This project is largely self-funded and it’s a huge commitment in money, time and energy. Every single person who donates in any way makes this project SO much easier for me to sustain and I’m hugely grateful.

Corporate Sponsors

Thanks to Jam Jar Shop who kindly donated over 200 wonderful new jars made from recycled glass.

Jar Adoptions

The following wonderful Jar Fans have adopted jars:

Karen Paritee from Effindiets
LaVonne Ellis from Customer Love
Julia Kehew from Historic Fibers
+ someone else who’s currently a secret

Want to be a Jar Mama or Papa? Click here to adopt a jar with a single payment or a monthly subscription.


The following Jar Fans kindly left donations:

Diane Gilleland
Adam Draper
James Wood
Fiona Dickson
K Tom
Jude Spacks

If you’d like to donate, please click here and scroll down to leave the amount of your choice.

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