A late jar surprise

4 years on, this project still has the capacity to surprise me. Back in April of this year, one of the jars was found and reported for a second time. Yep, jars are still very occasionally turning up in the wild!

Jar No 272

Jar No 272
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 272, Sept 2011

If you collected a jar, what motivated you to pick it up? (optional)::

I’ve seen or collected a jar: Seen a jar

Number on lid of jar: 272

Your name (optional): : Oli Brown

Date jar found (optional): 16/04/2015

Where is the jar now? (optional): same place

Congrats on your find, Oli Brown, they’re incredibly rare now.

So there you go, Jar 272 is ‘in the same place’ apparently. Unfortunately, since I don’t know where the first finder, Rupert Small, moved it to, I have no idea where that place actually is! But in his original report, Rupert mentions the postcode BS8 1QT, so it may well be in that area. From Google maps, that postcode is around The Triangle in Clifton. Happy hunting, Bristol jar fans.

One thought on “A late jar surprise

  1. Emily burbidge

    Hi it’s 30/07/15 and we (me and my friend) have just found jar number 272 near the zoo on the downs in a tree on the downs !!
    I spotted it lodged in a tree about 7 feet in the air when I threw a tennis ball into the same tree by accident. I gave my friend a leg up and saw the website address on the top of the jar ! we also read on this address that the location of this jar was unknown after its last discoverer oli left no record of where it was !! Where have u placed all of these jars !!? X


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