Jar No 365

Jar No 365
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 365, July 2012

Jar No 365 in situ 01
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 365 in situ, July 2012

Contents: Fabric, thread
Released into wild: 10/7/12 at 11.50
General Location: Clifton, Bristol
Status: Found by Theo


Well, the last jar of the project. Which I finished the night before we moved up to Hebden Bridge and dashed out and placed on the morning of our move. What, doesn’t everyone finish an overdue art project on the same day as they move house?

The jar project had gotten so tied up in my head with the break-up and house move that I couldn’t bring myself to create the last jar until the very end of our time in Bristol. Which was somewhat unfortunate since the project was supposed to have finished in 2011 and I didn’t make and walk the last jar until July 2012 and now it’s May 2013 and I’ve still not finished blogging the project. ‘About time’ indeed! Oh the embarrassment. Ah well, better late than never.

Jar No 365 close up

This final and very special jar was kindly sponsored by Karen Kirkpatrick. Thank you so much Karen, and I am sorry you’ve had to wait such a ridiculously long time to see your sponsored jar.

The last jar went to a good home… guess who!

I’ve seen or collected a jar: Collected a jar

Number on lid of jar (Please include this, it’s the important bit!):

Your name (optional): Theo

Date jar found (optional): 31/07/12

If you collected a jar, what motivated you to pick it up? (optional):
Hello Kirsty I have found jar no 365 now we need to rescue the bunny.

Where is the jar now? (optional): On the kitchen table.

So now I just have to trawl through the unblogged jar forms and sort out my hideous mess of sadly neglected jar databases. I honestly can’t quite believe how much moving house and changing computers has thrown me.

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