Jar No 364

Jar No 364
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 364, July 2012

Jar No 364 in situ
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 364 in situ, July 2012

Contents: Photograph
Released into wild: 9/7/12 at 19.55
General Location: Clifton, Bristol
Status: Found by Toby


This bunny jar is an ode to all the other things I found on walls and fences during my year of jar walking. Possibly the oddest thing I found was an unopened loaf of bread.

Jar No 364 close up
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 364 close up, July 2012

I found and photographed this lost bunny on an earlier jar walk – I hope it was reunited with its small child.

Number on lid of jar (Please include this, it’s the important bit!):

Your name (optional): Toby

Date jar found (optional): 24/08/12

If you collected a jar, what motivated you to pick it up? (optional):
On the way to Sainsburys. Just looked & saw the spot. This one had
been really difficult, but just by chance…

Where is the jar now? (optional): In the opticians

Not sure what the jar was doing at the opticians but I hope it had fun.

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