Jar No 359

Jar No 359
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 359, Jan 2012

Jar No 359 in situ
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 359 in situ, Jan 2012

Contents: Ink drawing
Released into wild: 23/1/12 at 23.52
General Location: Clifton, Bristol
Status: In situ


Looking at it now, months later, I can see that this jar would have been much better if I’d made pinholes all around the drawing. Ah well, it’s too late now! Such is the nature of this project – jars got made, they went out and then I had to let go of all my perfectionism about them.

Jar No 359 close up 01
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 359 close up, Jan 2012

Jar No 359 close up 02
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 359 close up, Jan 2012

One thought on “Jar No 359

  1. Diane Marie

    Ah, Kristy, so glad I thought to check in here again. It’s been a long time, and I so needed the joy of your little jars today. It’s been a rough day, for no particular reason, but I was almost ready to give up being an artist. I haven’t made a dime in months and things are getting scary. Then I remembered what you do, and you’ve given me a new vision. Tomorrow, I will start making art to leave for people to find……
    fondly, Diane Marie


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