Catching up with November

Gradually working my way backwards through my submitted jar forms. What, isn’t that what everyone does on Christmas Eve? I am listening to Christmas songs on YouTube at the same time, which obviously makes it properly festive.

Jar No 272

Jar No 272
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 272, Sept 2011

I’ve seen or collected a jar: Collected a jar

Number on lid of jar: 272

Your name (optional): rupert small

Date jar found (optional): about a month ago

If you collected a jar, what motivated you to pick it up? (optional):
i was collecting (actually stealing) figs and saw a jar with a picture
in. my first impression was that it was some kind of anonymous
present, for anyone to take. so i reached up and grabbed it, before i
realised the mission statement on the lid. i liked the mission
statement (a bit, not too much), so i took the jar home. its also a
big ego-stroker: i’m one of 365 of 7 billion! wow!

Where is the jar now? (optional): BS8 1QT

I love that Rupert recognised how special and rare it is to find a jar. It’s especially tough to find a jar when you’re a new person because there’s such competition from my elite cadre of regulars.

I’m not clear from this form whether Rupert has kept Jar No 272 or if he’s re-released it at the post code mentioned. It might be worth taking a look around that area if you’re a jar hunter.

Jar No 310

Jar No 310
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 310, Nov 2011

The little froggie jar took a bit of finding. According to his wife, Siân, it took Toby two goes to find it…

“Toby went back and had a better look and 310 was there after all. He says it was well buried in the leaf litter. Lovely jar!”

An update from Ruth

I also heard from Ruth Churchman back in November.

Ruth is a regular reader and found two of the jars that I released up in Scotland. She re-released Jar No 100 in Newcastle ages ago and recently went back to check on it.

Jar No 100
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 100, April 2011

Ruth wrote:

“I went past the spot in Newcastle I released Jar No. 100, and it has definitely gone.

I came down to Bristol briefly in August for a friend’s wedding, sorry didn’t get in touch, time was tight. I had brought down Jar No. 99 and left it with my brother, Ian, in Brighton (Hove actually) so he could release it there for the Big Jar Adventure, however you beat him to it, and he’s looking out for a friend to send it to in another city.

So now I am jarless!! I brought the jar down with me, with a misguided confidence that I could easily find a jar to replace it in Clifton on my visit. I popped into Clifton with my friend Amanda (finder of jar no. 98), and wandered all around the area you live, and the central area rummaging behind walls, under hedges, by railings, but no luck 🙁 I did manage to buy some wool and lovely buttons in Clifton though, and had coffee and cake in the cafe attached to the deli there, lovely. I’m trying to do some long distance jar hunting, and worked out where the Mary Poppins graffiti is in Lewes, and have instructed my brother to go find it, but he hasn’t got around to it, I guess he just hasn’t got the jar hunting bug, like me. I would so love a knitting related jar, and would keep it forever. On a knitting note, I have just released my 1st knitting pattern, thought as an experienced knitter you might like
it – wrote a blog post about the design.

Glad the project is still continuing, I realise what a challenge it’s been. Well done, you’re nearly there!

Ah lucky you, Ruth, sounds like you visited The Arch House Deli, which is my favourite cafe in Clifton. Thanks for letting me know about your jars, it’s such a shame that Jar No 100 has vanished, I hope someone reports it eventually. Please let me know where Jar No 99 ends up if your brother finds a home for it.

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