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Clarifying the rules

Susan Budig over on my Facebook group brought up an interesting point:

This is very cool, Kirsty, but how will people know that they can take or inspect them? Or are others suppose to leave them alone?

What an excellent question, Susan!

I definitely do want people to inspect or take them but I also feel quite resistant to explicitly telling people that they should. I had been thinking that I would write the website on the bottom of the jar or at the back of the glass but your question makes me think that instead I should write the website address & the jar number on the top of the lid where it will be more easily visible.

What do people think, if you saw a jar with a website on the top, would you stop to investigate?

A lot of people have smart phones or phones with cameras. If I saw something like that, I would either stop and google it or take a picture and look it up when I got home. However, I know that I’m more observant and curious than many other people. I notice things that other people will walk right past. It’s a side effect of being an artist – or possibly the reason that I’m an artist, I’ve never quite worked out that particular chicken and egg scenario.

It may be that no one will pick up and then register a single jar all year. I would be OK with that outcome too. I’m really just setting up the dominoes and seeing what will happen. I may add a rule that I can collect any unclaimed jars after a certain period of time.

In light of Susan’s comment, I’ve changed rule 6 to read as follows:

6. The website name and the number of the jar will be written on the lid of the jar. No other marking is allowed, unless it is part of the art.

However, I’m still undecided about this second part. Should I sign the jars on the bottom? I’m edging towards doing it: now that I’m putting the website on the lids, I’ll have space on the bottom for my signature symbol & the date.

Any other suggestions or thoughts about the rules, folks?


Hi, welcome to 365 Jars.

365 Jars is a year-long art project that I will be starting on 1st January 2011.

Every day during 2011 I will go on a walk and release an art jar into the wild. The jars will be filled with drawings, objects, tiny pieces of art or anything else I feel like. They will be little assemblages or collages making their way out into the world. On this blog, I’ll be documenting the jars as I place them outside and then we’ll see if any of them are found.

The complete rules of the project can be found here.

I have discovered that I will do pretty much anything as long as it’s for an art project. So I came up with this idea because I needed a way to force myself out of the house for a daily walk. I knew that if I made it a New Year’s resolution it wouldn’t happen but if I made it into a daily art project, it would. See, I’m sneaky like that! But hopefully it will also be lots of fun to follow the journey of these 365 jars. I hope it inspires you to take your own creative journey.