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The four latest jar finds

I’m delighted to have been featured on Hyperallergic, New York’s largest art blog. Huge thanks to Philip Hartigan for writing the article, he’s been following the project throughout the year and I really appreciate his critical input and support.

So in case there are any new visitors from that article, I thought I’d better update the blog with the latest jar finds…

Jar No 27

Jar No 27
Kirsty Hall: Jar No. 27, Plastic dome stickers + silver film, Jan 2011

Wow, can you believe we’re still seeing jars from January? January!

I was baffled by this form but when I looked up Jar No 27, I remembered that it was found by Nick, who did say that he planned to re-release it. Clearly he did…

I’ve seen or collected a jar: Collected a jar

Number on lid of jar (Please include this, it’s the important bit!):

Your name (optional): Sara Bird

Date jar found (optional): 17.12.2011

If you collected a jar, what motivated you to pick it up? (optional):
It was shiny…

Where is the jar now? (optional): In my house – but I’ll find a new
place for it

Well done for finding such an early jar, Sara, that’s pretty unusual at this point.

Three for Theo

Three in a row for our keen teenage Jar Hunter, Theo.

Jar No 344

Jar No 344
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 344, Dec 2011

Jar No 345
Jar No 345
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 345, Dec 2011

Jar No 346
Jar No 346
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 346, Dec 2011

I’ve seen or collected a jar: Collected a jar

Number on lid of jar (Please include this, it’s the important bit!):
344, 345, 346

Your name (optional): Theo

Date jar found (optional): 15 dec

If you collected a jar, what motivated you to pick it up? (optional):
jar hunting on the first day of the holidays

Where is the jar now? (optional): on the sideboard

Thanks for letting me know, Theo. Perhaps you’ll find some of the older lost jars over the holidays.

I am ill

Hey my darling Jar Fans, just a quick heads up that I’m having a bad ME/CFS flare-up brought on by sheer exhaustion. To avoid making myself worse, I’ve made an executive decision to take a short break and not make or walk any jars until after Christmas.

In the meantime, I hope to get caught up with the jar submission forms but I’m not making any promises because my health has to come first.

A Jar Tea

Theo’s family kindly invited me to afternoon tea on Tuesday.

You may remember that I accidentally met dad Toby while he was Jar Hunting back in August. Shortly afterwards I met Theo, when he and his dad popped round to deliver a jar of jam a few months ago. But I hadn’t met the rest of the family, so it was great to meet the other three kids – Jacob, Milly and Max – and mum, Siân.

After ham sandwiches and delicious home-made cakes, I got to visit their impressive collection of jars.

Jar Collection 01
Kirsty Hall: A jar collection, Oct 2011

It was very odd for me to see so many jars together.

Jar Collection 02
Kirsty Hall: A jar collection, Oct 2011

You see, I have a very linear experience of the jars. I usually make them one at a time and rarely have more than 3 or 4 completed jars in the house at once. Unless I’m having a spate of being unusually organised, most jars are made on the same day that they’re released so my relationship with them ‘in the flesh’ tends to be brief.

So I had never seen this many jars together before and I was impressed at how well they worked as a collection. I was particularly glad that I’d decided to only use jars with gold lids, since it gives them a very coherent look en masse.

Jar Collection 03
Kirsty Hall: A jar collection, Oct 2011

At this point, the family’s jars have outgrown the mantle piece, so they bought a shelving unit to house the rest of the collection. Now that’s jar dedication!

Jar Collection 04
Kirsty Hall: The second jar collection, Oct 2011

We counted the jars and we think they’ve got 54 to date. I know where I’m coming if I ever need to exhibit any of the jars! Toby tells me that the kids are hugely possessive about the jars they found, so it’s going to be down to the adults to release a few jars for the Big Jar Adventure.

Jar Collection 07
Kirsty Hall: The second jar collection, Oct 2011

This second jar gallery is in their downstairs loo. Apparently fellow Jar Hunter, Allison also displays some of her jars in her loo. It makes me laugh that my art has ended up in people’s bathrooms.

Jar Collection 08
Kirsty Hall: The second jar collection, Oct 2011

The kids have also been inspired to make their own jars.

Kid jars
Kirsty Hall: Jars by Max and Milly, Oct 2011

I liked the sparkly butterfly stickers that Milly used in this jar.

Milly's butterfly jar
Kirsty Hall: Milly’s butterfly jar, Oct 2011

Theo had also made a beautiful jar containing a drawing but sadly I didn’t get a picture of that one.

It was a delightful day – I really enjoyed meeting everyone and we decided that we’d have to get the rest of the regulars together before the end of the year to discuss our mutual jar obsession.

Announcing The Big Jar Adventure

Several months ago, I foolishly mentioned on Twitter that I was wanted to try to release a jar in all 66 cities in the UK. Naturally I got loads of ‘yay, you should do it’ messages – Twitter, you’re a bad influence!

So the idea was born to take the jars on tour.

I had a plan: I’d done 5 cities already and I was going to raise funding, then go on a series of trips to ‘tag’ the remaining 61 cities. It was ambitious – time would be tight and it would be loads more work – but it was just about manageable.

Then life happened.

A relationship of 14 years ended and I was suddenly faced with an entirely unexpectedly house move. I spent June reeling with shock whilst decluttering and frantically cleaning so we could put the house on the market. Touring jars around the country was the least of my worries.

But the idea niggled away at me and I knew I needed to do something about it.

Finally it occurred to me that I was being overly controlling. Yes, it would be awesome if the jars went around the UK but it didn’t need to happen at my hands. There’s a point where attempting to be epic becomes ridiculously masochistic and foolish and I had reached that point.

I realised that I could unleash the fantastic power of my Jar Fans, especially my team of dedicated Jar Hunters. Instead of hoarding the power and fun to myself, I could offer the gift of being involved to those of you who want to take part. Instead of making myself miserable by taking on too much, I could start a quest! Suddenly I was excited and relieved and ready to cede control…

And so, The Big Jar Adventure is about to begin!

If you’ve found a jar, I need your help but if you’re a keen Jar Fan without a jar, you will also have the opportunity to take part.

Want to know more? Click on The Big Jar Adventure page to find out how you can become a Jar Star…

A lovely new sponsor

Woohoo, look what I got!

Huge, enormous thanks go out to Jam Jar Shop who have sponsored the project by donating enough jars for the rest of the year.

How awesome is that? Pretty damn awesome, if you ask me.

I emailed them several weeks ago and asked if they’d be interested in sponsoring the project. They very kindly said yes and sent me 8 boxes of my chosen jars. Since I’d been buying most of my jars, this is a huge saving for me. Their support makes the project far more financially sustainable and I’m very grateful to them.


There are lots of jar companies out there but I approached Jam Jar Shop for two reasons.

Firstly, all their jars are made from recycled glass.

Now, ideally I would reuse old jars for the project but I quickly found that it wasn’t practical. Although I have recycled some jars, sourcing, collecting and cleaning old jars takes a huge amount of time and I’d rather spend that time making wonderful art to put in the jars. Using new jars made from recycled glass is the next best thing.

Secondly, I liked their funky website and their obvious passion for making jam. It made me think that that they’d ‘get’ what I was doing and indeed, they did.

So, if you’re in the UK and are in need of new jars, I thoroughly recommend Jam Jar Shop. They were lovely to deal with and their high quality jars arrived quickly and very securely packaged.

How you can help the project

I currently rely on donations from my wonderful Jar Fans to keep this project afloat. If you’ve been enjoying the jars and would like to give something back, please leave a donation or adopt a jar.

And if you’re a corporation interested in supporting this popular art project, please email me. Like the Jam Jar Shop, you can get your name in the sidebar and on the new Sponsors page.

Adopt-A-Jar is live!

Hey folks, the Adopt-A-Jar programme launched earlier today, so if you’d like to sponsor a specific jar, you can now do so. You can either choose a date in the future or choose to adopt an existing jar. I’m planning to add an option to pay in instalments for those of you who want to sponsor one but don’t have a lot of spare cash.

Huge thanks go out to Karen Paritee from Effindiets who has already sponsored Jar No. 17 – she’s been patiently waiting for me to launch for weeks.

Jar No 17
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 17, String knots + drawing of string knots, Jan 2011

I ought to do a big launch for this but I simply don’t have the energy right now but hey, at least I remembered to tell you about it. If you could pass on the word, it would be hugely appreciated.

The Adopt-A-Jar scheme

Last week I wrote a guest post on Customer Love called Bribery and Blanche Dubois. It was about the challenge of working out the details of the forthcoming Adopt-A-Jar scheme.

In the comments, the very wise LaVonne Ellis strongly suggested that I should stop ‘dithering’ and ship already. So here we go, official announcement time:

I shall be launching the Adopt-A-Jar scheme this Friday 4th March. The page will go live at 1pm GMT.

There will be three official levels – the Patron Package at £50, the Collector Package at £200 and the crazy Medici Package which ranges from £1,000 – £5,000 depending where you are in the world. And if that’s all too pricey for you, there will still be the option to donate the amount of your choice using the donation button.

With the Patron Package, you get to choose which day you want to adopt. The Collectors Package gets you the adoption day of your choice plus a jar of your very own. With the Medici Package you get everything from the first two packages AND I visit your home town and we go jar walking together!

I am only allowing one sponsor per day because I feel that if someone adopts a jar it should be ‘their’ jar, not shared with someone else. So if you do want a specific day, you’ll need to grab it. And yes, you can choose to sponsor an existing jar if you wish.

Travelling jars

Jar No 28

I am delighted that Jar No. 28 has been found. People must be moving the jars without reporting them because this jar was definitely not in its original spot when I checked it on the 5th February.

Jar No 28
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 28, torn envelope drawing, Jan 2011

Number on lid of jar*: 28

I’ve seen or collected a jar*: Collected a jar

Your name (optional): Muppet

Date jar found (optional): 12 February 2011

If you collected a jar, what motivated you to pick it up? (optional): Saw it and read the lid, intrigued

Where is the jar now? (optional): It’s in my house planning its next trip!

Jar No. 18

Jar No. 18 was a favourite with many people, so you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s been travelling again.

Jar No 18
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 18, Wire balls in glycerin mix, Jan 2011

Number on lid of jar*: 18

I’ve seen or collected a jar*: Collected a jar

Your name (optional): emma and matt

Date jar found (optional): 13/02/2011

Where is the jar now? (optional): helston, cornwall

Jar No. 18 was originally reported as found by J. on 21/01/11 Obviously J. released it into the wild and somehow it’s wound up in Cornwall. It’s great to see the jars making journeys like this.

Jar No. 40

Jar No 40
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 40, Feb 2011

This one was gone when I walked past on 13/2/11. If you’ve found this jar, please register it.


Huge thanks to K Tom who left a very generous donation. All donations are very gratefully received. I shall be announcing the details of the Adopt-A-Jar scheme later this week.

Thanks also to Design Taxi, who featured the project in this nice little write-up.

Jar updates and a thank you

Jar No 31

Jar No 31
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 31, Crocheted silver wire, Jan 2011

Jar No 31 has been found. This jar was squirrelled away in a back alley filled with garages and the open parking space where I placed it, so I’m impressed that it has been found.

Number on lid of jar*: 31

I’ve seen or collected a jar*: Collected a jar

Your name (optional): Sasha Lubetkin

Date jar found (optional): 8 February 2011

If you collected a jar, what motivated you to pick it up? (optional): Curiosity, and a wish to show it to my husband

Where is the jar now? (optional): Standing on my desk. I’m going to find somewhere to leave it for someone else to find.

Apparently, Sasha found the jar when she was out walking her cat, which tickled me.

Missing Jar

Jar No 28 has gone.

Jar No 28 - close up 01
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 28, torn envelope drawing, Jan 2011

If you’ve found Jar No 28, please record your find.

Still in place

Jar No 33
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 33, Feb 2011

I walked past Jar No 33 today. I’ve walked past it twice now and it’s given me a little smile each time. I do love seeing my jars out in the wild.


Huge thanks to Jude Spacks, who encouraged me to add a donation button to the sidebar and then promptly sent money when I did.

She also wrote:
“Your jars inspire and nourish me so much on many levels.”

Isn’t that wonderful! Knowing that I inspire people nourishes me right back.

If you’d like to donate, you can now do so by clicking the big yellow donate button over on your right. However, there will be an Adopt-A-Jar option coming at the start of March, so if you’re prepared to spend a bit more and get extra goodies, you might want to hang on for that.

More details on the Adopt-A-Jar scheme coming soon.

Jar updates & an interview

If you’d like to know more about the motivations behind my art and this project, I did an interview with the lovely people over at Art Is Moving.

I’ve had a couple of jar forms submitted in the last few days: thanks for recording your finds, Naomi and Simon, I do appreciate it.

Jar No. 2 has been spotted but not collected, so it’s still out there.

Kirsty Hall, 365 Jars Project Jar no 2 close up
Kirsty Hall: Jar No. 2, sewn paper, Jan 2011

Number on lid of jar*: 2

I’ve seen or collected a jar*: Spotted a jar

Your name (optional): Simon

Date jar found (optional): 23/01/11

Where is the jar now? (optional): in situe

Jar No. 21 has also been reported:

Jar No 21 - close up
Kirsty Hall: Jar No. 21, Black ink drawing, Jan 2011

Number on lid of jar*: 21

I’ve seen or collected a jar*: Collected a jar

Your name (optional): Naomi Rawlings

Date jar found (optional): 24/1/11

If you collected a jar, what motivated you to pick it up? (optional): curiosity

Where is the jar now? (optional): back in the wild!

It sounds like Naomi may have moved the jar from its original spot, so it’s really roaming free now! I do love it when people get into the spirit of the project like this.

I also checked on two jars yesterday.

Jar No. 3 is still in place and although it was wet on the outside, the drawing inside was thankfully dry although oddly, upside down. I replaced it the right way up and gave the jar a quick clean.

Jar No 3 close up
Kirsty Hall: Jar No. 3, Red & black ink drawing, Jan 2011

But Jar No. 4 has gone completely.

Jar No 4 close-up
Kirsty Hall: Jar No. 4, Black crochet, Jan 2011

If you’ve found Jar No. 4, you can report your find here.