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2 long lost jars reappear

I’m still catching up with my jar admin. It’s a wee bit daunting: I opened my jar folder, panicked at the thought of wading through hundreds of emails and immediately shut it again. But panic gets you nowhere, so I took a deep breath and opened it again. And immediately found a jar report for a Hebden Bridge jar that I’ve been wondering about for ages, which was a pleasant surprise.

Jar 227

Jar No 227
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 227, August 2011

I’ve seen or collected a jar: Collected a jar

Number on lid of jar (Please include this, it’s the important bit!):

Your name (optional): Hannah Wiessler Leas

Date jar found (optional): 19/10/2012

Where is the jar now? (optional): in my hand, showing my friend

Although Hannah says she found this jar in October 2012, it must have been relocated from its original spot because I had inspected the spot previously and it was definitely missing. I am delighted that it turned up again because I was sure it must have been thrown away.

Now that we’ve permanently relocated to Hebden Bridge, I must check to see whether the last two Hebden jars are still in place. I’ll be very surprised if they are but the one thing this project has taught me is that the jars are completely unpredictable.

Jar No 300

Jar No 300
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 300 front, Oct 2011

I’ve seen or collected a jar: Collected a jar

Number on lid of jar (Please include this, it’s the important bit!):
rubbed out (EYE jar)

Your name (optional): rupert small

Date jar found (optional): a couple years ago

If you collected a jar, what motivated you to pick it up? (optional):
i found this jar in clifton a couple years ago. it has a blue card
with a face with big teeth and the word “EYE” on the back. I can’t
remember whether I reported it to you, since I had already found
another jar (#272) which I still have. The number on the EYE jar is
rubbed off. I’ve rewritten the website address on its lid, and will be
releasing it back into the wild today.

Where is the jar now? (optional): bristol

Thanks Rupert, you hadn’t reported it before, so it’s great to hear that it was found and re-released in Bristol. Take note, Bristol jar hunters – there’s another one back in the wild.

Right, that’s enough jar excavation for now – the email quagmire is daunting me again. I am reminded – yet again – that the admin was always the truly onerous part of this project!